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  • Michelle:

    Love your site! God, I wish they would bring Zack back too! Bones has been OK since Zack left, but it was ALOT better when he was there. What were they thinking?? He and Hodgins had such a great dynamic, and Zack made the show fun and interesting. It’s not the same without him.

    PLEASE Hart and FOX — bring our Zack Addy back!!

  • Rainsom:

    I would like to see Zack back in any way, shape or form.I haven’t even see this season at all, I was so upset that there is no mention or guest spots.

  • Treena:

    Zack DEFINITELY needs to come back. The way he and Hodgins always interacted and did their experiments was just brilliant and the way the whole team just fits so much better when not switching between several squinterns is great.


  • Michelle:

    Wow, another Michelle =D Frankly I have not yet finished the seasons without Zack till now. And I just picked the S4E5 and 100th episode. I totally agree that “It’s not the same without him.” Oh~ Zack~~~ I have to say that Hodgins is less funny without a and the only contestant of fighting for the KOTL =(

  • Bones is one of the only shows I watch on TV… bring Zack Back now!

  • Writing Zack off the show was cancelling Firefly. Fox needs to learn a thing or two.

  • *Was like* cancelling Firefly….stupid. Just like my typing.

  • Brian:

    Ok, so lets figure this out. First, I am a huge fan of Dr. Addy and would love to see him back. Lets face it. Furst, Millegan gets fired. Why? We never find out. Did they fire him because his bi-polar was not in control and he couldnt deal with the day to day grin? Did they fire him because he wouldnt accept what they were going to do with his character? We know they didnt fire him because he is gay. There was some backlash when they let him go and they promised a lot of recurring episodes of Zack. Guess what, first one we find out he isnt a killer, second one in a dream someone saids he went to jail for a crime he did not commit. Both could of been easy set ups to bring him back. Then episode 100 comes along and here is Zack. Guess what that was the end of him. He would of been back for good right after that. He still isnt. So what did Eric Millegan do that got him fired?????

    • admin:

      Thank you for your comment! And, thank you for supporting bringing Zack Addy/Eric Millegan back to Bones! There has been plenty of speculation as to why Zack was cut, and no one really knows and Hart Hanson won’t say. The point of this site and this campaign is to try and pull all of Zack’s supporters together, primarily through Twitter and through the Internet, to let the network and the writers know that — even after 2+ years — we still want Zack back. No matter what happened back then to make them decide to cut Zack from the show, I’m sure it can be worked out, especially if there is continued momentum to bring the character back.

      And, regardless of what happens, Zack Addy now has a full-blown website in support of his returning to Bones. I can’t think of another character on TV where that has been done, and most certainly, none of the new squinterns will ever get that.

  • I’d love to see Zack back on a semi-regular/regular basis. There has to be some federal strings Booth could pull to make him a consultant of some kind since he didn’t really do anything (much) wrong (obviously Sweets can’t tell the secret, because Zack would go to jail.)

  • Brian:

    I agree I am 100 % in favor of Dr. Zack Addy returning to the show. It would be awesome. I would love him back on the show, however my point was that if it was going to happen it would of happened by now. One can only hope they listen but you will need a couple million people. Lets hope they will listen

  • I read an article once where Eric said it was “just where the producers wanted his character to go” but that he would love to return to the show. I miss Zack, I mean I like the interns, but there was just something about the Zack/Hodgins experiments that made the show so great (other than BxB relationship). I think they should all realize that they NEED Zack and go bust him out of the psych ward (or something similar).

  • Rainsom:

    Maybe this will be the equal of Star Trek TOS. There was a massive letter writing campaign during the 2nd season when it was announced it was being cancelled. We succeed in bringing it back for a 3rd season at least. Ha there been an Internet back then, WoW.
    I have been steadily writing the producers and Fox, pointing out how much Zack is loved, and what a benefit. it would be to have him reappear.
    I so want him to be able to say, even in just “King of the Lab” again.

  • Jennifer:

    The show needs the lighthearted Zack/Hodgins lab antics. It was so interesting to see what they would do next. I read somewhere that one reason they used the chain of interns in the show was to expand plot options. I and many other fans of Zack can definitely think of interesting plot lines with our favorite genius back on the show; there are so many situations in which Zack could be placed to add humor and interest to the show. I for one have always wanted to see Zack try out dating they way the SHOW the other characters. All you have to do is watch that last Gormogon episode to see that Eric Millegan is a wonderful, dynamic actor who can not only portray that awkwardly adorable guy who makes us laugh, but also bring us to tears. It’s time they let Zack out of the looney bin and bring back our King of the Lab!

  • Ahhhhhhhh!!! I just saw the video and it brought tears to my eyes. Zack was one of the main parts of the show and he was just kicked off. I miss his character. I can’t get into the interns, they annoy me because I know why they’re there and Hodgins keeps bringing up king of the lab. I get sad everytime I hear it. If only zack would come back. The show just isn’t the same wihout him

  • From the beginning Zack and Hodgins “king of the lab” competitions were one of the things I loved about Bones. I freaked out when he went off to war and then when the next season started off with Clark Edison, I was sad. Thankfully Zack showed up and my world was good again.

    Then, we went through the season, shortened by the fact that there was the writers strike and when it came to the end we were told that Zack was Gormogon’s assistant and that he killed that guy. I knew it couldn’t be true, because I was pretty sure I had seen Zack leaving the building (with Hodgens I think) just before a character in black showed up). Besides, Zack? A killer? It made no sense.

    When he showed up in The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond I was thrilled. It didn’t matter that we had to deal the fact that he broke out of the mental institution (wrong I know, but I want him out of there) I loved the fact that he was there. I would have loved it even if we only saw him inside the mental instatution. It was, in my opinion, the best episode of the season . . . and much as I love Zack, not just because Zack was there. However, I suspect that Zack’s presence and their focus on him helped keep away some of the things that had me, at that point, considering quitting Bones.

    The way things went after Zack left convinced me that Zack was the only thing holding that show together. During a large part of the fourth season I considered that maybe it was time to stop watching the show all together. The only thing that kept me watching was the hope I gained from TPPinPP. I kept thinking, if they only bring back Zack, the show will quit spinning out of control. Thankfully, it has stopped spinning out of control and I no longer want to strangle at least one character per episode (usually it was considerably more than one character . . . usually Bones and Angela and a couple of the squinterns, occasionally Booth, rarely Cam and . . . I don’t think I ever wanted to strangle Hodgins.). It has been quite some time since I wanted to do that, and that includes the squinterns . . . even Daisy who drives me up the wall. The squinterns have grown on me . . . well, most of them . . . but I would still trade them in a heartbeat to get back Zack.

  • EcoAli:

    My favorite all time episode is the one where the Gravedigger buries Hodgins and Brennan in the car and all the squints are trying to figure out where they could be (“Work it People!!”)and it wasnt until Brennan and Hodgins sent the coded text message on Booth’s cell phone that Zack and ONLY ZACK, the supreme scientist that he is, could figure out where exactly they were…and at the end Booth was praying for thanks that God saved ALL the squints…because WITHOUT THEM ALL Brennan and Hodgins would NOT HAVE BEEN FOUND!!!
    Zack is an integral part of the team and without him, the synergy of the team is lacking.
    PLEASE GIVE ERIC MULLIGAN ANOTHER CHANCE!!! WE LOVE HIM AND MISS HIM AND I’m starting to lose interest in the show because without ZACK and his sincerity, enthusiasm, humility, spontenaety, the stories seem insipid!!!

  • Jennifer:

    I entirely agree with the last comment. I don’t think they even need to give up the squinterns to reintroduce Zack, though. They could start off at least having him come back to society as a method of therapy; have him hang out with his former co-workers and help out on cases throughout a season. He could still be in the looney bin since they insist so on the fact that he’d have gone to jail if Sweets told the truth. Eventually you’d think he’d be let out of there legally after being “cured.” They could find some way to bring him back as a regular character.

  • Katie:

    I agree with the last comment… I too believe that there is a way to bring Zack back as a regular.

  • Brian:

    my ex-bf wrote a script bringing Zack back to the show. It shows he was tricked into confession and to find the Lobbyist that was killed. My ex is a huge Zack fan and knows everything there is to know about him.

    In order to get the script or ideas to the show u need an agent. Real stupid. He is havign a tough time trying to get one.

    His script brings Zack back, show him innocent, gets him into a relatoinship with someone, makes another cast member the Master(Gormagon, or whatever) and Zack helps find a serial killer who has killed 12 people lets hope he can get an agent soon

  • Brian, that sounds very interesting. I would love to see that. Good luck to your friend in finding an agent so he can get that to them to look at. Hopefully they love it.

  • Katie:

    i hope it works too Brian!!

  • Shelly:

    I could not believe it when Zack was taken off the show. It just isn’t the same. It’s like you took the main character off a hit show. You might want to consider all the comments that you have gotten about this matter and reconsider. BRING ZACK BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John:

    Zack is my favorite character on the show…I still love the show, but the Addy Hodges dynamic is what made the show what it was…..bring back Zack!

  • Roxy:

    Hi guys,

    I’m writing all the way from Nicaragua, because even though it’s been so long, I still can’t get over the fact Zach is gone, I was just watching season 3 and I was like, how could they do that?!!! It’s just not ok, the worst thing is that I haven’t heard anything that indicates he will be back, it’s just so sad…

  • Rachel:

    I’m a huge fan of Bones and have been watching it since the first show. Actually, I really liked the books, and was pleased with the direction the show went (ie, it’s own). I think it’s generally VERY well written, with an excellent cast. But my heart was seriously broken when Zach left—-and of course the WAY he left made it all the worst.

    Bones is suffering, you know it is. The sweetness that Zach brought, the contrast he provided for Bone’s character—-while they are very similar, there are some crucial differences, as we saw at the end. The storyline was left in such a way that he could come back, it would make sense. BRING ZACH BACK!

  • Katie:

    I agree Rachel… the story line did make it seem as though he would return… it’s just a matter of when and how. (And how many days, weeks, and months, we will need to wait for his return.)

  • I am a Bones fanactic! Zack has to return because the entire team loves him, so he is the ‘heart’ of the team. Everybody loves him, except Booth, including Brennan. I don’t understand why Booth doesn’t love him. I do enjoy the other interns, but they should make Zack Brennan’s assistant, placing him in charge of the interns, and then we’d have the best of both. Zack needs to lose some weight first, on the last episode he was on, he’d gotten pretty chubby. He loves Dr. Brennan, Hodgens is his best friend, Dr. Saroyan and Angela love him, and I Love Him, so bring him back! He and Booth have to become friends in some way, though.

  • Brian:

    his return depends on why that particular producer wanted him gone. after 2 seasons and a partial 3 rd season why isnt he back? why hasnt Zack made an appearance since the 100th episode?

    maybe we can get his friend Barney Frank to write the producers to bring him back. Unless of course it was his friendship with Barney Frank that did him in.

    my friend is giving one more letter to an agent a shot then he is shredding it but he registered it with the writers guild at least

  • Jaime:

    You can’t have Batman without Robin. You cant have Bert without Ernie. You can’t have Hodgins without Zack!!!!!! While the cast and crew of “Bones” is absolutely amazing, it is NOT the masterpiece it once was. Without Zack, all of Hodgins’ wacky experiments aren’t anything special. The wit, humor, and family feeling just isn’t as strong anymore. You would honestly think that after all the fuss and HUNDREDS of online petitions to get Zack back, that FOX and/or Mr. Hanson would have finally satisfied the fans with what they’ve been asking for for so long now. While the show needed to makes its hype at the end of season 3, we are now inching closer towards the end of season 6 and still NO word or even talk of bringing back the one and only thing Bones fans have been asking for….ZACK!

    PS. While I wasnt aware of Eric Millegan prior to Bones, I have been following his work since the show and he is an all around GREAT man of many MANY talents. I truely hope to see him back where he belongs…on set! :)

  • Savanna White:

    BRING BACK ZACK!!!!!!!! The show is nowhere near the same as it was when it first started. I cant believe Hart Hanson for one second thought this was even a half way decent idea. Get rid of one of the main stream characters? The one EVERYBODY loved and adored? I mean, get rid of Booth and Bones while you’re at it. There are some shows in this world that can have characters come and go….Bones….not one of them. You started with a specific group of people, a family per say, and you must end with that same specific group of people. I have never seen such an uproar caused by so many devoted fans for any show ever in my life and it is just baffling that no network producers or show directors have put forth any action towards satisfying the fans and getting the show back on track. Mr. Eric Millegan…..we all love you very very much and cant wait for Hart and David to do right by the fans….the same fans that helped make Bones the huge success it is today!

  • Dan Wiatr:

    I watch and wait to see when Eric Millegan (Andy) will return!! How can you leave this actor and character out for so long???? Come on- do you know what you can do to your ratings if you guys brought him back??? We miss him greatly. Find him not guilty and hire him back!!! Now!! Thank you

  • amy:

    i cant believe that they got rid of zack the show cant survive without him without zack the show is just boring and predicteble they need zack there because he is the one who brings excitement and joy to the show a smile to our faces and love to our hearts without him there the show will fall apart he is the glue that holds everything together!! how can hodgins do experiments without zack how can he say king of the lab every time he does these things without zack it tears my heart apart!! i and many others fell in love with him the character that we all have gone through good and bad times with the one who can see the logic in anything even death, he chose to leave us but we all know somewere in our hearts that he will be back again and as long as we remember him he will always be with us in our minds in our memories and in our hearts
    i luv zack!!!

  • amy:

    I LOVE ZACK SO MUCH now that he is gone i dont know what im goingto do i just hope i dont end up in the loony bin because of it!!!!

    now that i think about it that wouldnt be so bad as long as zack was there to i would learn to enjoy that

  • amy's lil sis:

    when zack left us i was heart broken he brought joy and laughter to the viewers without him bones is nothing the show will fall to its knees without him we will never forget zack we will fight and fight until he is back he was a shinning star one day he will break free from the loony bin and once again bring joy to us. we will never forget his smile

  • amy:

    IHAVE A HUGE OBSESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amy's lil bro:

    i admit that even though i am a guy dr zack addy was my fav character cuz of his unique sense of humor and how much joy he can bring even to us guys. (P.S.my sister Amy is completly insane about zack!!!)

  • amy's lil sis:



  • amy:


  • Beverly:

    Please bring Zack back!! I get tired of having a new intern every week. Zack and Hodgins and their “experiments.” Zack is such an innocent, I believe he couldn’t be a killer. He was framed, or is taking the blame for someone else. Maybe an evil twin?

    • admin:

      Welcome Beverly!!

      Actually, Zack did NOT, in fact, kill anyone. In Season 4, Zack made an appearance in the episode “The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond”. He assisted the team in solving a murder while still in the mental institution. Did you see this episode? Anyways, at the end, when Zack is talking to Sweets, he admitted to Sweets that he didn’t actually kill the lobbyist. He said that he felt “responsible” for his death, because he gave the Gormogon information that helped him find the lobbyist. Zack stated that the reason why he did this was even though he didn’t kill anyone, he would be guilty of conspiracy, and would probably be sent to prison. And, Dr. Hodgins told him that he was certain Zack wouldn’t do well in prison.

      Dr. Sweets wanted to tell Brennan and Booth the truth, but Zack swears him to secrecy due to doctor/patient confidentiality. So, Zack didn’t kill anybody, and Sweets knows it, but nothing has been done about it.

      So, because we know Zack didn’t commit murder, they could find a way to bring him back.

  • Zakhiah:

    Zack Addy is an amazing character I NEVER laugh at shows or movies because I don’t feel the need to but when I saw Bones I rolled on the ground laughing. My friend and I would (and still do) laugh at something Zack did and qoute him I’m not kidding my room is filled with his quotes I can recite them backwards if anyone wanted me to. Zack did not commit murder and I was greatful for that cause that leaves a loop hole however Zack did help gormagon which is a crime and he would have to go to prison for that so he still wouldn’t be back in the lab and even if he did get out I doubt that they would let him back at the lab in fear that he would work for another guy/girl instead. I cried so hard when they caught Zack Addy and more still when they were going through his belongings. Zack Addy would be my best friend. he inspired me to become a forensic scientist. I admire Eric milligens character. Eric Milligan did a wonderful job at becoming the character and Hart Hanson did a wonderful job at creating the character

  • Rainsom:

    Suggestion. If you are on any other social networks, forums or blogs, mention this site and recommend people let Fox and the producers know that we want Zack Back. I see so many people post this in so many places, I feel that if everyone mad an effort at the same time ( more or less) It might have an impact.

  • amy:

    i really hope that they bring zack baack to bones because it seams like they have totally forgotten about him and moved on and i just dont think that this is right to do because he was a very important character in the show and now that he is gone the show has lost that special thing that makes uskeep watching from corny jokes to experiments to contests to be the king of the lab zack has never been able to let us down and not be amusing we need him back for the show to be able to survive i dont know how they can ecen do the show without him i and many others believe that he should come home wear he belongs in the lab alongside his friends and doing the best he can o make the world a better place i know that he will never be forgotten

  • amy:

    hey anybody there???

  • sloth:

    We need our Zack !! Come on PPL.

  • Crystal:

    Sorry, that was suppose to read:
    I love Zack and I think they made a big mistake getting rid of him. As much as I want him back it just doesn’t seem possible. I’m sure they could write a way to get him out of the psych ward or wherever he is but he’d never be able to work at the Jeffersonian again. What would be his purpose on the show if he can’t be back in the lab?

  • admin:

    Hi Crystal:

    If you recall, it was revealed that Zack didn’t kill anybody. He just said he did, because he still committed a crime and would probably be sent to prison. And, Dr. Hodgins assured him he wouldn’t do well in prison. So, at best, he’s guilty of conspiracy.

    Given the fact that we know Jack Hodgins stole evidence in the Gravedigger case and was still allowed to work at the Jeffersonian (that probably wouldn’t happen in the real world, but, hey, it’s TV! :-) ), it stands to reason that Zack could still work there.

    Finally, there is one really, really good way I can think of that Zack could be
    brought back to the show. I am, in fact, writing a script based upon this idea.
    My idea is not based upon Zack being a “consultant” from the mental institution,
    because I don’t think that would work very well.

    We will just have to wait and see. I do think, with some really good writing and
    creativity, that it is possible.


  • sloth:

    OK, so now we need to give ways Zack could come back? How about this. Dr. Sweets could consult with Zack to make a new sort of team for say two pressing cases being worked at the same time. Brenan/Booth do one and Sweets/Addy do the other? Work with me here guys. Huh? Sounds like a come back to me! Maybe at very least a two part thriller right?

  • admin:

    Hi Sloth:

    I think that is a possibility! I know they did something similar on Law and Order: Criminal Intent for a while, where they had 2 different teams. And, a couple of times, they brought the 2 teams together to work on a single case. So, I think that would work!

    Of course, they could always bring him back and put him in the new spin-off.

    Either way, we can only hope!


  • Jason:

    If the powers that be are worried the show will become stale because of lack of interaction between the characters and the new assistants brought in, why not bring Zack back as a full time Doctor (since they made such a big deal about him getting his doctorate) and bring in assistants as well. It would add even more flavor and humor to see the reactions the new assistants had to Zack and the interplay between them. Maybe put Zack in charge of training the assistants with Hodgins along with their other duties.
    Come on, its television! There has to be some way Sweets can reveal the truth without repercussions. Booth is a veritable God on the show, he makes impossible things happen. On other shows people come back from the dead for cryin’ out loud.
    This in my opinion is one of the funniest and well written “crime shows” in the mass of garbage they crank out on the tube.

  • playflpup:

    First off, excitement abound for my awesome season 1 poster!!!! Now to find a place to put it! Second, I want Zack back! I hate that he had to leave, Eric Millegan is BRILLIANT and played the role perfectly. I cannot imagine anyone else being Dr. Zachary Uriah Addy! I hate that he’s no longer on the show, but at the very least, he didn’t die. That was going to be one option. At least now there’s a hope for him to come back! I wish they would at least visit him more in the mental institution. If he can’t be full time, give us something! He’s got to be getting lonely in there! Maybe Booth is struggling with his love for Bones and he turns to Zack for advice on how to handle her. You know, cause they’re both wicked literal?

  • amy:

    i really want to bring back zack!!!


    if you are reading this i just want you to know that i and many others loved your character he was cute and smart and funny and he (you) did so much for us we were all devistated when zack was put in the “looney bin” the only thing any of us want is for the cast to even remember him and for you to come back and be on bones
    p.s. my family and i didnt like it when youre character started wearing suits and got a short haircut!!!

    i am absolutly sure that everyone here would apreciate it it you would comment to us from time to time. remember that we love you and you are truly the king of the loony bin/ lab!!!

    your fan forever
    -Amy Gelespy

  • admin:


    This is the admin for this site. I contacted Eric today after reading your last
    post, and he wanted me to tell you, and everyone else here, “I’m flattered and grateful for everyone’s support. It’s very touching”. Eric is completely blown away by everyone’s
    support and is very thankful.

  • amy:

    Thanks so much admin that was really nice of you!!!
    im glad that eric knows that we are here and wanting him back on bones hopefully as much as he does and that we are here for himthanks again admin!!!
    -Amy Gelespy

  • Jennifer:

    I just read the interview and I think it’s so cool that Eric was the valedictorian and did all those other smart things. I’m hoping that the efforts here convince the writers to write Zack back into the show. Thank you so much for starting this. I’m sure all the fans gave contemplated doing something like this but didn’t carry it out. And thanks from all of us go out to Eric for being involved. And awesome.

  • My spouse and i like reading through this. I may publish this on myblog. I am convinced you will get quite a few thumbs up

  • J Swain:

    What about a concerted effort on Twitter to RT one specific tweet at about the same time so that there is a chance it trends. Set a time in the near future, like 2/12/2011 at 10PM EST and followers could look for the tweet and RT. Just an idea, not sure if it would work well enough to overtake J Bieber….

  • Lorraine Rosado:

    Here’s my idea. It will be hard to keep up booth and bones apart for long. Specially if all episodes focus on their relationship. The way the story is going I can’t even imagine what a 7th season will be like. If they want to keep Booth and Bones apart they need other interesting story lines. Maybe if they bring Zack back to bones they would gain time. There are many storylines that they could explore. Zack’s time in Irak, his time in the looney bin, how the rest of the characters miss him, how the squinterns get along with him…

  • amy:

    hey i love zack and i really hope that he will come back to bones!!!

    ps i hate the squinterns!! they are so anoying but they are starting to grow on me but i would choose zack over all of them in a second zack is the only squint for me!!!

  • Nay:

    YES, please bring back Zack. Let’s tie up the loose ends!

  • Carol:

    I saw the episode last night and it would’ve been 10x better if Zack was in it :( it would’ve been perfect if he was there when booth made brennan laugh

  • juanita:

    PLEASE bring Zack back P-L-E-A-S-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What else is there to say!!

  • Oana:

    I am from Romania and I watched the show Bones on the Internet almost since the beginning. I managed to persuade my friends to watch it too. It is a great movie and will always be among my favorites. The only thing I want to say is “Bring back Zack Addy!” He was perfect on the show. He was so smart. And another thing … I loved the scenes in which he made all sorts of experiments with Hodgins.

    • admin:

      Welcome from Romania!!! And, thank you for visiting our site and posting to our blog!! We all love Zack too, and love his crazy experiments with Hodgins. The show is nowhere near the same without him. But, with help from people like you, we might stand a chance of convincing FOX to bring him back to the show :-) So, please join the Facebook group (you can do that by click on the ‘How to Help’ page and then, clicking on the Facebook group link), signing the Petition, tweeting your support to FOX and the writers of the “Bones” and calling and/or writing a letter to FOX. Of course, while you’re doing that, don’t forget to enter the latest “Bones” contest :-) You just might win some really cool Bones/Zack Addy stuff!

  • Tria:

    To be honest losing Zach Addy in Bones would be like losing Dr. Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds. I used to make time in my schedule to watch Bones and I just don’t anymore. They’ve been too close to jumping the shark too many times since Zach Addy’s character has gone as it seems all they have to focus on is the relationship between Bones and Booth. And while I agree making Zach Addy the criminal was a brilliant plot twist, I was really hoping/expecting them to bring him back by now, despite the horrific injuries to his hands. (using that Engineering degree with his Anthropology one for bionics, anyone?)

    The FBI makes deals with criminals all the time if they have useful knowledge or tools. So why couldn’t they expunge his record and keep him on a tight leash? Or something else a bit more inventive that I’m sure a professional writer could come up with.

    I adored the interactions between Zach Addy and Jack Hodgins, they reminded me of my brothers and the few times I have watched during seasons 5 & 6….well it is just sad to hear Hodgins say ‘king of the lab’ when there is no competition left for him.

    As for the squinterns….I could take them or leave them, but that Daisy is probably the most annoying character I have had the displeasure to come across in many years. Lose her.

  • admin:


    What an AWESOME comment!! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who has equated Zack Addy to Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds :-)

    I have posted a link to this on Twitter so that other folks can read it. Do you have a Twitter account? If so, follow us @BringBackZack.

  • Natalie McKinnley:

    I love Zack Addy with all my heart and more!!! He was the most adorable and funny character ever! The show is not the same without him. I don’t know if anyone else did, but I cried at Season 3′s finale and refuse to watch any episode including Gormogon or I will bawl. He is King of Everything in my heart. And from what I’ve seen without him( I only watch it if I’m flipping channels and it happens to be on) Vincent Nigel-Murray is my favorite squintern, but not even every single squintern equals Zack in my heart (though I have nothing against them). I love Zack and from what I heard and read about Eric Millegan I love him too! :) There is only one thing I can really think to say BRING BACK ZACK!!!!!!! (or I might just die)

    • admin:

      Hi Natalie!

      Thank you for your wonderful comment! I’m with you 100% — I absolutely can not watch “Pain in the Heart” again, because if I do, I will just cry and be so depressed afterwards.

      I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to tweet about your comment on Twitter so that others can come and read it :-) I think it nails on the head what I’m sure many, many others are thinking.

      Thanks again!

  • Liz:

    Greetings! So nice to find you all like-minded folks! We miss Z.A. as well. His comments were classic and insights (or lack of them) delightful. Couldn’t they (the writers) set up a webcam so he could help solve cases from inside the psych ward? If they don’t want to actually “bring him back”? After all he didn’t really, really kill anybody as Hodgins knows and Hodgins has more money than anybody and should be able to pull a full political strings or at least Caroline’s to get him out early – hint – oh, hint! Not to mention Bones’ connections! C’mon! We’ve been quite patient with the Hannah/Booth romance angle – we deserve our beloved Z.A. back for at least a 3 episode deal! :)

    • admin:

      Greetings to you too! And, thank you for visiting the BringBackZack website and leaving a comment in our blog! :-) I agree with you 100%. We’ve all have to put up with all of the Booth/Hannah romance stuff — now it’s time to get on with the show and to bring our beloved Zack Addy back!!

  • Bethany:

    I started watching Bones in season four, so I didn’t really know about Zack until someone I know bought the first and second seasons on DVD. At first I was like “um who is this guy?” but now that I’ve watched those seasons (and I will have finished watching the third in a days but I know what happens anyway), I find it really hard to watch all of the other seasons without him. The show just isn’t right without him.

    • admin:

      Hello and welcome to the “Bring Back Zack” website! I am the creator of this website, and after reading what you wrote, I had to comment myself. Believe it or not, I just starting watching “Bones” just a little over a year ago and I CREATED this website — that should tell you something right there. When I went back to watch all of the earlier episodes, starting at the very beginning in Season 1, I was astonished and appalled that Zack Addy was cut from the show. I found out that there were thousands and thousands of other people who felt the same way, which is why I built this site.

      I too find it hard to watch the show now without Zack on it. But, I do have the hope that either the writers or FOX will bring him back to the show. One day “Bones” is going to end like any other show, and I think ALOT of people will wonder, “Did the stupid decision they made to cut Zack Addy cause Bones to end prematurely?? Did that decision help bring the show down?”. I’d hope that FOX won’t want to leave that legacy behind and will bring him back eventually.

      Anyways, please continuing helping with the campaign, and please, tell your friends about the website. Zack Addy has tons and tons of fans out there — they just need to know about the site :-)

      Thanks again!


  • A Female:

    I actually got into Bones via Netflix a few WEEKS ago, starting (mistakably) with Season 3. I didn’t realise how attached I grew towards Zack until he left and suddenly, I found myself watching the other episodes mostly waiting for him to come back. The plot and other characters are entertaining, but there is always that under lying hope that they’ll bring Zack back. I started watching Seasons 1 and 2 and my heart was completely yanked from my chest by Dr. Addy. It blows my mind as to why they would dispense of a character like that. I emailed Eric Millegan as well, simply saying I admired his work, etc. He emailed back within 24 hours and was lovely as expected.

    Damn, Fox. You write up a hit show like “Bones” and then drop one of it’s most popular characters? If you’re so concerned about ratings… why not do the best possible thing you can do and bring Addy back? Eric Millegan for president! ;)

    • admin:

      Amen! You brought up a very interesting point that I want to emphasize here. Many people have asked me what would be some of the best things to do to help. Well, while we all can petition the writers and producers of “Bones” to bring Dr. Zack Addy back, my personal opinion is attempting to appeal to FOX is a better idea. You are right — FOX is ONLY concerned with ratings, increasing viewers and making money, of course. “Bones”, no doubt, lost ALOT of viewers with their decision to eliminate Dr. Addy, and so, obviously, if he were brought back, it would probably cause these same people to start watching again. This amounts to higher ratings, increased viewers and thus, more money for FOX. Not to mention, this entire “buzz” around Zack Addy does nothing but help the FOX network and bringing him back would make FOX appear as a “hero” to the fans.

      With this said, if you do have time, *please* write a letter to FOX — specifically to FOX President Kevin Reilly. There are instructions for this on the ‘How to Help’ page of the website. You can also call him and leave a voicemail message. I think if FOX hears enough about this, they just might do something about it :-)

      Again, thank you for your comment on our blog, and if you don’t mind, I’m going to tweet about it so that others can come and read it :-)

  • Angel:

    Ok, so finally Hannah is gone. Booth likes Bones, Bones likes Booth……Will they EVER get together? I didn’t like the dream episode where they were married, that season finale made me question whether or not I would continue watching all together. But, at least Zach was in that episode.

    I don’t know why it can’t be disclosed why he was cut. He was an integral part of the series. I can think of many ways the writers could re-introduce his character, least of which is to pardon his past for expert help in solving a case.

    Also, seems like the writers are running out of “murders to solve” as they appear to be getting quite cheesy as of late. Bringing back Zack might just be a key to continued seasons of Bones.

  • Admin:

    Hey guys!

    The Bring Back Zack website has just opened it’s store! Here, you can get CUSTOM Bring Back Zack T-shirts, buttons and stickers with our custom Bring Back Zack logo. The prices are very low and covers only the cost it took to make the item.

    So, check it out, order your Bring Back Zack swag, and let the world know that you
    want our Zack Addy back on Bones!


  • Juanita Voorhees:

    I agree that Zack should be brought back he was an intergral part of the series, I love the sweet innocence of Zack and the crush he had on Bones. Eric showed he had depth and width in his acting. Colin Fisher would had been a better Gormagon intiate with his bleak outlook on things, even tho I like Fisher. Thank you for creating this site and I am hoping for the return of Zack, I miss you Zack.

  • ralph:

    i used to be a very loyal viewer of bones, it was one of my top 3 favorite shows. to me this season the show jumped the shark. brennan and booth spend their screen time snarling and snapping at each other, angela has gone from sex kitten to gaia earth mother and hodges from cranky conspiracy theorist to making googoo noises at angela’s stomach every five minutes. the possiblity of bringing back zack is intriging if it would send the show back on it’s original course. the solution is simple, booth saves the presidents life , he asks for a pardon for zack, once pardoned for the murder he can be declared competent and released to bones custody at the jeffersonian. i just watched the mummy in the maze its my favorite episode and a great example of why the show used to be so good. i really would like to see that type of character interaction again.

  • Munro:

    After all these years, I have *just* started watching “BONES” and I just ran across this huge *spoiler* (for me, ha ha) and now I cant determine if I want to continue watching the series. Here, March 2011, I am just allowing myself the time to watch “BONES” and read here that Zack will not be around. I’m just now (Season 1) at the episode where the team finds Angela’s BF’s skull in the desert — and although I missed a line or two here, I can see the upcoming demise of Zack — wherein he is being encouraged to focus more on his doctoral studies and less time with his internship with BONES. Ah…I’m going to keep watching. Incredible that after all this time, I am finally JUST NOW making time to immerse myself into the BONES subculture. I see that there’s lots in store for the viewer in me…..

    Thanks for the website


  • Jade:

    Bones must bring back Zack Addy! I’m sick of them changing her assistants from episode to episode. Honestly, I’m not sure how I ever got into Bones considering how much Brennan and Booth get on my nerves! However I have always loved Cam, Zack, Angela, and Hodgins. The Hodgins & Zack “king of the lab” bit was always very cute and I miss their weird experiments. It is time to bring back Zack Addy permanently. BRING ZACK BACK!!!!

    • admin:

      Hi Jade and welcome!! Yes, we ALL want Zack Addy back. The dynamics between the characters is not the same with Zack being gone, and the whole ‘King of the Lab’ thing has lost its charm. Hey, have you written a letter to FOX yet? You seem very passionate about this, and I think you would be very convincing :-) If you want to write a letter, go to the ‘How to Help’ page, and scroll to the bottom. The addresses for FOX Entertainment Chairman Peter Rice and FOX Entertainment President Kevin Reilly are there. I am told that a single letter is worth 1000 people! :-)

      Anyways, welcome and please continue to support our campaign. Also, be sure and tell all your friends about us!

  • Brian:

    Did your interviewer ask Eric if he has been invited back for another episode? My guess is he has but wont do it cause Hart Hanson is going to fix his bad showrunning and kill off Dr. Addy once and for all. The comments by the showrunner in those articles shows he has no intention of bringing back Eric Millegan’s character and if he does it will be to kill him off for good.

  • Admin:

    Hi Brian:

    This has been asked to Eric many times, and thus far, he has not been asked back but
    that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. As for killing him off, I personally think that would
    be a very poor business decision, and I don’t think they would do that. The whole
    ‘Bring Back Zack’ thing gets attention and keeps things interesting — just look at this
    ‘Bring Back Zack’ campaign. If Zack is dead, that can’t continue, right? Not to mention
    bringing Dr. Addy back to the show without a doubt would boost ratings, and if they
    kill him off, using that card if they need it would be gone. Again, very very bad
    business decision if they were to do that.

    Of course, they can do anything they want, but I don’t think the writers (and
    certainly not FOX) are stupid enough to do that.


  • Admin:


    If you haven’t already seen it, the regional FOX news station down here in the area
    where I live got wind of the “Bring Back Zack” campaign and did a little news story on
    it this past week. Here is the link:


    And, yes, I am ‘Mary’ :-) This is VERY good exposure for the “Bring Back Zack”
    campaign. Alot of times when a regional station airs a story, it is then eventually
    picked by other stations throughout the country. So, again, very good exposure.


  • Tria821:

    I saw what you tweeted regarding sending letters to Fox especially regarding the Hole in the Heart episode. That title does make me nervous, both about Zack Addy and the fact that Angela’s baby should be due around then. They are sure to use the baby to add drama as this season has been pretty bad. All I see are people complaining about Hannah, abrupt character behavior changes and almost everyone has mentioned ‘jumping the shark’ or some variation thereof regarding Season 6.

    I know I compared Bones to Criminal Minds in my last post, as I feel CM ‘knows’ how to do it. They have changed a few of the main characters but have never killed anyone off. They can, and some have, shown up from season to season and their ratings seem to rise dramatically when this happens. I do not think the show would survive without Aaron Hotchner or Derek Morgan or Spencer Reid as those characters REALLY play off the others and give depth and dynamics to what would otherwise be a formula cop show. It is the inter-personal relationships that make it interesting and keep people tuned in week after week. (Much like the Hodgins-Addy relationship originally drew me into Bones)

    If they do end up killing off Zach for good, I’m pretty sure there would be a huge flurry of letters and complaints (too little, too late) and then the show would die a quiet death. We all know if Bones and Booth do get together the show will have nothing left to offer and to be honest the constant snipping and sobbing between the two of them is beyond boring and well into annoying and trite. The rotating squinterns aren’t really helping as most people want a character they can get to know and identify with. Someone they can root for. Yes the Angela Hodgins will they ever marry plot kept the show moving for a while but now what?

    If the writers wanted to, they could easily extend the program for at LEAST another good season by having the team WORK to get Zack back themselves. Have Sweets let it slip during a moment of weakness or stress. Have Caroline or Bones figure out something didn’t jive and why won’t Zach file appeals. There are so many options and GOOD storylines that could be used to drive the main plot. I wish the writers and producers would give it a try. It is obvious that there is a groudswell of people who WANT and would WATCH if there was even a possibility of Zack Addy returning to the program. The ratings would go up and the show would be interesting again.

    Just my two cents. and I hope they haven’t filmed the Hole in the Heart episode yet. I think they work 2-3 weeks ahead of the showing date.

    • admin:

      Thank you, Tria! Thank you so much! What you said about the “huge flurry of letters and complaints” is exactly why I am really pushing for people to write to FOX *NOW*. Writing letters AFTER it happens is going to do no good. Below are the people you need to write to:

      Entertainment President Kevin Reilly FOX Broadcasting Co.
      10201 W. Pico Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90035

      Entertainment Chairman Peter Rice FOX Broadcasting Co.
      10201 W. Pico Blvd.
      Los Angeles, CA 90035

  • Brian:

    this seasons final show the The Hole in the Heart; they are calling it collateral damage and feelings never change. Zack will be the victim of the sniper in the season finale. Most likely hiding in Bones’ apartment after escaping the jail again or after the clear his character of all murder charges that were originally brought. Booth will consider him collateral damage as his feelings have never changed about Zack being a murderer. They are using almost the same title as the ending of Season 3. Remember Hanson in several interviews stated he wished he had killed him off like originally planned. Millegan has not been invited back since the 100th episode. Millegan is currently doing a lot of twittering probably so he does not let anything out. My guess is the episode is shot and he was the victim. Dr. Addy’s character was way to popular to write off, and since Fox, Hanson, Millegan or the other executives wont say why he was let go to start, then they are not bringing him back. Killing him off makes sense, they have already made the bad business decision cutting him from the show, they made it worse not bringing him back and I would be surprised after this year if they have any fans left. If they do him in, I will no longer watch the show. I hope it does not happen but the writing is on the wall

  • Brian:

    I have the new name for your site for May 13.


  • Admin:


    We do not know Zack will be the victim!! Yes, he’s a candidate like alot of others, but we don’t know that. Also, we DO know where the murder will take place, and it’s NOT in any apartment, etc.

    Lots and lots of speculation. As for the website, well, if they DO decide to kill off Zack, this website will still be here, but obviously, our goal will be different since Zack will then be gone. But, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there — hopefully we won’t have to.


  • Brian:

    I hope you are right; but I think this is a done deal and the episode is already shot and Dr. Zack Addy is the victim of the sniper. Daisy is the only other reasonable person but we already know it is a male victim. Hanson is gonna clean up loose ends so he does not have to listen to viewers tell him what to do with his show. I think they all should come clean and tell us why he was let go in the first place and that might help everyone understand why they wont bring him back.

  • Admin:

    Oh Lord, Brian, Daisy is not the only other reasonable person! Why do you think that? Is it because she’s generally unpopular with the fans? That doesn’t mean she’s the only reasonable person. Any of the male squinterns would qualify, especially Mr. Nigel-Murray since he has gotten his own show on the Syfy channel. Heck, even Sweets would qualify (although I doubt they would kill him off unless John Francis Daley has a new gig).

    We also don’t know if the episode has been shot yet. It’s still almost 6 weeks out, and at the very least, filming may not have been completed.

  • Brian:

    your right Mary it could be anyone. My money is on Zack. unfinished business. get Millegan to tweet he isnt in the episode bet he wont :-)

  • Gen:

    Excuse my ignorance but how do we know where the shooting/murder will happen? Or have my detective skills not found that yet? :)

    • admin:

      Hi Gen:

      Well, we don’t know for sure, but we have a strong suspicion because script sides for the episode have been leaked. A script side is a script excerpt handed out to actors who will be auditioning for the “extra” roles.


  • Bethany:

    Y’know something that I find awkward? You lot will all be talking about whether Zack is/isn’t killed, while I’m still 3 months away (or something like that) from even watching the episode. It does, actually, sound like Zack will be killed off, but if they kill him off all the fans who haven’t watched the first three series will have no idea why the squints are so upset. So really it wouldn’t make all that much sense to kill him off. And another thing – they all said that they would always remember Zack and visit him all the time, blah di blah – as the actor hasn’t been asked back, they never visit him, which kind of reinforces my point that none of the viewers (except for the early fans) would have any idea what’s going on.

  • admin:

    Hi Bethany:

    You want to know something funny. I AM ACTUALLY A NEW VIEWER!!

  • Bethany:

    I know – so am I, but there will always be people who just cant be bothered going back to look at the early episodes. It was a total coincidence that I did – if a friend of mine hadn’t bought the first two seasons, I never would have watched them. Maybe a lot of people DO go back and look at the early episodes, but my point is, there will be some people who won;t, and those people will not get that episode, if it is about Zack.

  • Graffix:

    Hi guys – just a little thought regarding the way it seems the writers of Bones have opted to play out the series.I’m not sure what they were thinking when writing out Zack as he was one of the most influential characters i have come to watch and respect.i think it was mostly because of this fact that people started losing focus of the relationship between Booth and Bones and rather shifted to Zack and Hodgins and this they could have thought was not the direction they wanted the show to go in.i have had many a night thinking of what it was that made him such a lovable character.Was it the fact that he was totally odd and yet had the respect of his peers because he was so brilliant?we all feel that we can be more than what we are and Zack seemed to show that possibility in the most simplest of ways.I was hoping that the writers would find some way to utilize this character as it surely would push up their ratings.One idea i had was that they could go the “Silence of the Lambs” root and use Zack as a sought of “Hannibal Lector” character while being institutionalized?It surely would make the fans happy and his incite in the murders would surely be appreciated as well as the interaction between him Hodgins and whatever squint they would have for the episode would have been hilarious.Then i thought why stop there…….what if Hodgins left the Jeffersonian,as he does have the finances,and decides to try and go solo,obviously with Zack as his partner solving murders and any other bug related crime like things,Hodgins being out in the field with his two way camera and radio and Zack being in the institution basically at his side throughout the show.The spin-off would not only be one of the funniest and insightful but I’m sure it would overshadow it’s parent show by miles……not sure if anyone agrees with my thoughts but if it was me and i saw a market i would definitely try and use it to it’s full potential….

  • Admin:

    Hi Bethany:

    Here is a question for you. What about the Gravedigger episodes? The Gravedigger arc started all the way back with the “Aliens in a Spaceship” episode in Season 2, and since then, there has been only ONE Gravedigger episode per season, including the final one this season where she was killed. Would new viewers know who the Gravedigger was? Probably not (at least not very well), but the writers chose to extend that storyline over 4 seasons.

    You probably see my point. If new viewers don’t know who Zack is, they probably don’t know much about the Gravedigger is. The point is this — just because a handful of viewers don’t know who the character is doesn’t mean an awesome storyline should be ditched. If Zack were brought back, people who didn’t know who he is would quickly find out and come to love him as much as the rest.

  • Bethany:

    Alright..you maybe right. Although I didn’t know about the gravedigger thing because in my country its only up to about episode….nine I think? And yet I still reckon it’s unlikely Zack will be killed off – It’s just my personal opinion. btw, which episode is the gravedigger one?

  • Admin:

    Hi Bethany:

    In Season 6, I think it was episode 12 or 13, I think. As you probably recall, the
    Gravedigger arc began in Season 2 with “Aliens in a Spaceship”. Then, nothing else until Season 4 until the episode “Hero in the Hold” where the Gravedigger kidnaps Booth and then, is ultimately caught. Then, in Season 5, the Gravedigger shows up 1 more time in “The Answer in the Boy” where she is on trial and convicted of capital murder.

    So, the writers chose to extend this storyline over 5 seasons, starting back in Season 2.

    In my humble opinion, Stephen Nathan made that comment about new viewers not knowing who Zack is just as an excuse. He also said that they couldn’t bring Zack back at this time because of “issues with Eric’s schedule”, but I know for a fact that part is definitely not true. So, I think these are just excuses he is giving to the press because they haven’t decided what to do with Zack’s character yet, and they don’t want to say

    Let us know when you finally get to see the final Gravedigger episode. It was very
    good, and it was also the 1st episode of yet another serial killer arc (the current
    sniper arc) that is supposed to end at the end of this season.

  • Bob:

    Maybe it’s time to bring back Eric since Emily will be dealing with pregnancy issues off-screen… The groundwork was laid for his innocence; all we’d need is for Lance to spill the beans, get Booth on the case and he’s out and available to fill in for Bones while she’s out “in the field” somewhere.

  • Tria821:

    Bob, I like that idea, a LOT. :-)

  • Scott:

    TBH i think zack was cut from bones for no real reason, it coulda have just been picked at random. (this is just my speculation)But i read somewhere that zack was gonna be gormagons next victim but because of the writers strike they just went with the apprentice storyline. Thats why i think zack was cut from bones. thanks :)

  • Brian:

    the season 6 final episode name has been changed to the CHange in the Game.

    It takes place in a Bowling ALley. That is what I just read, weather its true I do not know. Funny, Eric Millegan recenlty spent a large amount of time learnging to Bowl with his 2 pals doublebee and dommy. Plus, he isnt twittering to much, staying mum. everyone text him and ask him if he is in this episode

  • teddy:

    Hey there are alot of music videos about eric millegan on youtube that people make i would recomend watching the one with the song candyman,how to save a life and make your own kind of music oh and by the way good idea Bob!!!!!!!!!!

  • alex:

    i wonder how there going to do the show with emily pregnant and i really hope they would take this as an apportunity to get zack back i can think of a thousand ways of how they can return back zack to the show and i really hope this websitew halps with that situation

    • admin:

      Thank you so much for your post! Have you visited our ‘How to Help’ page? (http://bringbackzack.com/help.php) This lists the many ways you can help with the campaign — Twitter, joining the Facebook group, signing the Facebook petition, and writing and phoning the FOX entertainment executives. Perhaps the BEST way you can help the campaign is to write an actual letter to the FOX Entertainment executives Peter Rice and Kevin Reilly. Because a real letter takes time to write, network executives tend to put more weight on them, and we are told that 1 letter is equal to 1000 people :-)

      And, if you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you for your support!

  • Erica:

    BRING BACK ZACK. That is all.

    p.s. pretty please?

  • admin:


    The episode has NOT been changed to “The Change in the Game”. There are 23 episodes this season. “The Hole in the Heart” is 6X22 (and is STILL called that), and then, the Season Finale is “The Change in the Game” (episode 6X23)

    Also, the script sides for “The Change in the Game” are out, and it’s an undercover episode where Booth and Brennan go undercover as married professional bowlers to investigate the murder of a bowler named “Jeff”. From what I can tell, it’s a fairly “vanilla” episode, with not alot of action except Angela giving birth at the end. There also might be some B/B romance action, but that’s not clear yet.

    Finally, it’s moot to text Eric about this stuff. There is absolutely no way he’s going to respond to any of this, regardless of whether he’s in the episode or not.

  • Brian:

    Pain in the Heart was originally scheduled to be the last episode. Then The Change in the Game was added. BONES has not even been renwed for a 7th season. Ryan ONeal is already cast in the the season finale so that takes him off the hook. So, if BONES does not get renewed and another newtwork wants to buy it, the showrunner is going to want it to continue with his current plot he is going to make sure all of its old loose ties are tied up.

  • jade:

    wait wait wait so what does that mean for eric millegan are there possibilities that he will be in the season finally

    • admin:

      Let’s hope Eric is NOT in the season finale. That would be bad news since it could mean that Zack is being killed off :-(

  • Becky:

    Viewer ratings are down and it’s of little wonder. Bring. back. Zack.
    These quirky interns are annoying. I used to like Clark but ever since his “my girlfriend thinks I’m a stick in the mud” routine, he’s been obnoxious and creepy whereas before he was funny and wry. Nigel-Murray and Vaziri are okay (although Vaziri’s story arch about his ‘accent’ was weird) but Daisy I just want to punch in the face. As for Wendell and Fisher I couldn’t really care less about either of them. I mean they just don’t have that connection to the rest of the squint squad. Not that any of them do, they weren’t a part of the original cast but Zack was the beginning of the end. If he could just come back in and reclaim his mantel as ‘king of the lab,’ it might displace some of the side-line stories that the perephery characters have developed. Stories and emotional clap-trap that’s really encroaching on the science of the show. Plus it might put less pressure on Brennan to carry the ‘big brain.’ Since Zac’s left her knowledge in other areas has really reached it’s limit of suspended belief. I mean who knows the etymology of words off the top of their head when it’s not even related to their field of study? Yes she’s smart but she’s not that smart. Zack, on the other hand, is. Let him be the ‘big brain’ and command the rest of the interns. OOO or better yet have him restart his internship to regain their trust. And as he slowly worms his way back into lab work, each intern discretely pits their brain against his to see whose smarter, at which they are all utterly defeated without even Zack’s knowledge of participating. Only does Hodgin’s, watching from the sidelines know what’s going on, but feeling betrayed by his admission to Sweets and not him about the non murders he says nothing. But at the end of the day Zack finds a red king playing card on his desk with the words ‘King of the Lab’ on it.

  • Bethany:

    I think that Bones sucks a little bit now that Zack;s gone so tbh i wouldn’t be surprised if there was no seventh season.

  • admin:


    “Hole in the Heart” was NOT originally scheduled to be the last episode!! I was on a live chat with Hart Hanson well over a month ago, and he specifically stated that “Bones” was going to have 23 episodes this season. He originally wanted a 2-hour Season Finale, but instead, decided to have 23 episodes instead of 22. Were are you getting your information? Regardless, it is incorrect.

    As for the 7th Season, Hart Hanson said specifically also in his live chat that the renewal hold-up is about “business” issues — this equates to money. “Bones” is one of the strongest series on FOX, and I would be stunned beyond belief if it were not renewed. Again, money and/or budget issues are the hold-up, and I’m certain they will be resolved in due time.

    creator/webmaster http://bringbackzack.com

  • Karin:

    Zack has got to come back! Some of the others have been entertaining, but no one can replace Zack’s unique take on things. His interactions with the rest of the team can not be duplicated. As others have said, the way he & Hodgins played off each other was great.
    Zack just needs to come back! He could be Angela & Hodgin’s baby’s godfather!

  • alex:

    i lova this website and i love how its triying to get eric millegan back into bones but the question still remains are they going to bring him back? well i really hope so!

  • catherine:

    BRING BACK ZACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Admin:

    Hi Alex!

    Well, we don’t know. Hart Hanson just said in an interview that he “has no plans to bring Zack back as a regular”. The reason he gave was “the squinterns work for us”, meaning that it’s easier to write episodes when you have 6 squinterns to write for, than if you have just 1 squint (Zack Addy).

    So, we’ll just have to wait and see. Just keep checking back especially as we go into the summer “Bones” hiatus :-)


  • Grace:

    I saw i picture of zack labeled king of the looney bin and cried.

  • Courtney:

    I only just got interested in Bones about a month ago and I can’t tell you how quickly Zack became my favorite character. Now, don’t get me wrong, the squinterns have grown on me and I love them all to varying degrees but it kinda makes me sad that Hodgins doesn’t have his best friend there to compete for the title “King of the Lab” like they used to. So, whether Zack guest-st

  • admin:

    For those of you who do not know, Buddy TV has launched a poll of who is Dr. Brennan’s favorite assistant. Please go out to this poll and vote for our Zackaroni! :-) Zack is currently winning, but I’d like to widen that gap even further!


  • Lindy:

    Maybe, just maybe, Zack is coming back. If he is in the last episode this year, he may be returning and solving another squintern’s murder. He may be back for good. Has anything been said to contradict this idea?

  • alex:

    okay so we know that a squintern is going to get shot but who is it going to be i know that we dont know who is going to get shot but i hope its not zack we haveto show the wrriters of bones that we dont just want zack back we want zzackaroni back and the letters we wrrite to them i dont just want them to look at them and say oh look its another letter from a random zack fan no i want to be heard like the rest of you just because we are not famouse or something else dosnt mean we dont deserve to be heard everybody needs a chance to say what there opinion is and my opinion is that i want zack back!!!!

  • Naomi:

    Zack’s the best character. I fell in love with him in Woman in the Car. He’s the reason I got hooked on Bones. He’s so quirky, rational, smart, awkward but yet, he’s amazing! I wish he was still around to brighten the mood. Some fans seemed to have forgotten how great he was. My mom and I (please note, I’m not an adult) watch bones together often. TNT plays reruns every night and my mom was watching it with me. The episode was part sum whole (there are some prepositions and conjunctions in there. . . I just don’t know where) and my mom said “Okay, this has gone on long enough. Are they bringing him back?” I said “The fans would kill for it, but Hart Hanson, the writer is being all quiet.” So come on bones fans, don’t let him be quiet forever! <3 Zack.

  • Naomi:

    PS A good writer (such as Stephan Nathan) NEVER leaves strings lose. So, come on, sooner is better than later.

  • Admin:

    Hello Alex!

    I have looked at some past fan campaigns for other TV shows, and here are some of the tips they provide for writing a letter to the network:

    1. Type the letter and limit it to 1 page.

    2. Be polite, and don’t swear or be derogatory.

    3. Be sure to say that you want Zack back on “Bones” as a REGULAR and not just in guest spots. In all liklihood, he’d probably be invited back before the series ends for 1 or 2 guest spots anyways, and so, no campaign is needed for that :-)

    4. Don’t mention any possible storylines for getting Zack back, because if you do, they are legally obligated to throw your letter away because of that.

    5. Don’t mention the campaign because I’m sure they already know about it :-)

    6. If you can, mail it in a manila envelope, or is possible, one of those document mailers. If you do that, it maximizes the chances that your letter will be opened and read.

    So, if you can, PLEASE write a letter to FOX. The names and addresses are on the ‘How to Help’ page of this website. They say that a single letter is equal to 1000 people, and so, real letters DO carry weight with the network.

    If you have any other questions, please let me know! And, thank you for your support!

    creator/webmaster http://bringbackzack.com

  • jade:


  • cassidy:

    I miss zack so much and i cant bealive they made a website just to try to get him back on the show its amazing what the power of the internet can do and i really hope he either guest stars or comes back as a regular

  • sammy:

    since i was little i have always wanted to be an anthropalogist because of my uncle and when i told my freands and explained what it was to them they just laughed at me but the cherector of eric millegan(zack addy) made me not feel ashamed of what i wanted to be when i grow up and i felt like i could actually be what i wanted to be

  • admin:


    In case you all have not heard, “Bones” has officially been renewed for Season 7. The news was announced last night, May 2nd. Yayy!!!

    Let’s work harder than ever to get our Zackaroni back for Season 7!!!!!!!!!

  • Bethany:

    To admin – I watched the Gravedigger episode last week (because thats when it aired :) . I admit I’ve actually forgotten all the details that they found out but I remember thinking at the time that they definitely wouldn’t kill Zack off. SO yes, it’s good (although slightly surprising, at least to me)that there will be a seventh season of bones to expand our efforts. p.s. how much does it cost to send a letter to FOX from the southern hemisphere, do you think?

  • Admin:

    Hi Bethany:

    Mailing a letter from there would probably cost 1-2 US dollars if you mailed it in a regular envelope. However, if you ARE interested in writing a letter, if you’d like, I can mail it for you if you email to me :-) You can type it up, email it to bringbackzack@gmail.com, and then, I’ll mail it to FOX.

    If that is something you want to do, just let me know. Again, thank you SO much for your support!


  • Admin:


    I have nominated our “Zack Addy”, actor Eric Millegan, for “Actor of the Month”! Please take the time to go to the below link to vote for him. You will be required to sign in with Twitter, but if you don’t have an account, you can sign up for one for free :-) If ANYONE deserves this, it’s Eric!


  • alexis:

    its great how eric millegan is in the top 25 on the actor of the month contest!!

  • Grace:

    I am 90% certain that Zack dies next week. I am very upset but it’s the only logical explanation. :’(Im so sorry

    • admin:

      Actually, my money is on Mr. Nigel-Murray now. The reason is in the Season Finalea a little “birdie” told me that Hodgela names their baby “Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins”. See the “Vincent” part. Besides we also know that the victim is killed in the lab. Why would Zack be in the lab? It’s a stretch, but he COULD be visiting but that would be a huge stretch.

  • kishe:

    i think sweets is the one that is going to die. if he dose then that gives them a perfict opertuninty to bring back zack. which they realy need to do.

  • alexis:

    actually i think vincent is going to be the one who is going to be shot my other guess is sweets but i dont think they would kill him off

  • sammy:

    hey did you know that Eric millegan is currently beating David boreanaz for actor of the month

  • Admin:

    Hey Sammy:

    Yep, and I think it’s AWESOME (and hilarious! ;-) ). For those of you who have not done so, go vote for Eric in the Twitter contest for ‘Actor of the Month’ at


  • Bethany:

    I severely doubt that Zack will be killed off – Looking at the names of the baby, I believe that it is very probable Mr. Nigel-Murray will be killed.

  • Bob:

    Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins?!? I think I’d kill him for that one!

  • alexis:

    eric millegan is aleready in the top ten for actor of the month and still beating David boreanaz!

  • sammy:

    i wonder who is going to get shot well i guess we sre going to have to watch to learn

  • Bethany:

    when dos it air in america??

  • admin:

    That episode airs in America tonight, May 12th. Please be aware that I WILL be posting info about the episode on the website and on the Facebook page after it airs tonight, so visit the site at your own risk of getting spoilers :-)


  • Bethany:

    Haha yeah well I knew that would happen i’m definitely not gonna wait 2 find out – its pretty intense :P

  • Damian:

    I am a long time lover of BONES, and I am just so dissappointed that they got rid of him off the show…his and hodgins dynamic was outstanding to say the least, they meshed so well. He was such an important part of the team and even though the show is STILL EXCELLENT it will never be the same until they bring back “Zackaroni”…and as everyone else is saying the stupid “squinterns” saga was getting old…this is an excellent show and zack will always be missed. BRING BACK ZACK!!!!

  • Admin:


    Alot of you probably know, but Zack was NOT killed off last night. It was Vincent
    Nigel-Murray, and it was a very intense, very sad episode.

    Obviously, I am ecstatic it was not Zack, but I am very sad it was Vincent as well.
    His personality was very much like Zack’s, and in some ways, it was kinda like Zack being killed but indirectly.

    RIP Vincent Nigel-Murray.


  • sammy:

    when they were talking about the facts that vincent used to tell them near the end of the episode it reminded me of the pain in the heart episode were they were looking through Zacks favorite things they were both very sad

  • sammy:

    eric millegan is in the top 5 for actor of the month!

  • Admin:


    Yep, he’s actually #4 now! It’s going to be tough, though, to get him to #3 because he’s going to have to get past Gary Sinise now. But, Eric has tons of loyal fans out there, and I think we can do it! :-)


  • sammy:

    i cant bealive it eric millegan is number 2 for actor of the month!

  • Camila:

    Im going to cry unless they bring back Zack! He makes me happy! Zack is the best squint on the team! When I’m older i really really want to be a forensic antropologist I LOVE <3 YOU ZACK!

  • Bob:

    Okay… So what are the chances of him showing up for the season finale? I’m guessing that this one will be filled with the new bundle of joy for the expanding Hodgins family, so how would they be able to work him in?

  • admin:

    Well, that would be AWESOME, but as far as I know, Eric isn’t scheduled to be in the finale :-( But, I guess we’ll see on Thursday!


  • alexis:

    wow i saw the season finally and i cant bealive brennan is preagnant

  • Bob:

    Has anybody been in contact with Eric Millegan to see if he’s interested in getting back into the grind of a series? His health might not permit it…

  • Admin:


    This is Mary, the creator/webmaster of ‘Bring Back Zack’. I am in constant contact with both Eric and his partner, and I can assure you that Eric would love to come back to ‘Bones’. The issues he had 3+ years ago have long past, and he is in great health now.

    So, all that needs to be done now is for him to be asked back :-)



  • Bob:

    Thanks for that info Mary. I’m pretty new to here and honestly hadn’t heard this.

  • Admin:

    You are very welcome, Bob :-) And, if you have anymore questions, feel free to ask!


  • Shannon:

    I was so depressed when they took my favorite character off of Bones. BRING ZACK BACK!!!

  • Gabbi:

    Has anyone relized that they keep making Hodgins best friends leave? First they send Zack away then kill Vincent….. I’m going to call this the Hodgins curse!

  • Bethany:

    I’ve actually stopped watching Bones now…I stick to the earlier seasons because quite frankly they are better. Everyone seems be all the same, in the later seasons. There’s no personality….

  • Admin:

    Hi Bethany:

    I agree with you 100%. And, on top of that, the entire show is starting to be centered almost entirely on the B/B arc. Yes, I realize the show is about “Bones”, and some people are fascinated with the B/B romance. But, come on!!

    I truly hope they bring Zack back next season. I think I can tolerate the whole B/B romance, etc. if they bring Zack back — it’s kinda like a compromise for me :-)


  • Bethany:

    Totes – I mean, there’s nothing wrong with B/B – but it’s almost like the show has no other direction to go, and so it’s grasping at straws a little bit. Zack seems to bring out PERSONALITY (emphasis :P )in all the charries, and without him there it’s a bit samey.

  • admin:


    Eric came in 3rd place last month for ‘Actor of the Month’! That is AWESOME!!!

    He’s been nominated again for the month of June, and you can vote for him again at the following address:


    This website, bringbackzack.com, has also been nominated for ‘Best Fansite’, and you can vote for the site at:


    So, let’s get busy and show Eric your fan love by voting for him again!!


  • admin:

    Wanna help get Zack Addy back on “Bones” and have some fun at the same time? Then, join us on our summer “Bring Back Zack” Project titled “Macaroni for Zackaroni”!! You can get all the details on our website at http://bringbackzack.com/mackforzack.php Basically, this Project involves getting our point to FOX that we want our favorite squint back and making that point by sending macaroni (and LOTS of it) to FOX Entertainment President, Kevin Reilly :-) Other fan campaigns have done similar things, and they DO work (just Google the fan campaign “Nuts for Jericho”). To participate, you can purchase and send 1 lb. of macaroni for about $9 from our vendor, Grandma’s Pantry, or you can send your own macaroni. The instructions are on the website as well as the address to send it to. So, let’s have some fun this summer and send TONS and TONS of macaroni to FOX!

  • Stephen:

    I’ve just found this website and I love it, it’s inspired me. After I’ve finished a script I’m working on, I’m going to write a script for a crime drama where Zach is the main character helping the police with criminal cases while working from prison, it’s working title for now will be “Bad to the Bone”, if anyone has any better ideas for a title or have ideas for my script, please give me comments.

  • Stephen:

    I have made a video for fox to pleed with them to bring back Zach to Bones. So, here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiAVUUQ3S0g

  • Thex:

    Zack was what what made the show for me (the glue that held it together)… Me was the only one who was an equal to Bones on the show. He was like a Spock on the Bone World … I do hope that he comes back but changing a someones mind in Hollyweird is pretty hard … They are pretty much full of themselves (just me thinking out loud)… I know I don’t sound very positive here but without knowing what the problem is, makes it hard to fix … Not that I need to know or want to.. The only one (if they are still with the show) that can fix it is the one or ones that had the problem to start with. Thank goodness they have not tried any tricks of bringing in someone else to play the part. Eric Millegan is the only one that could fill the character Zach’s shoes, if they try the old had an accident, messed up his face and vocal cords were cut, crap, well that would not fly. Have you noticed that there isn’t much new coming out of Hollywood just remakes, prequels, rehashing old story lines or comic book characters…(Sorry I wandered there) Bones is still a pretty good show but I liked it better when it was great in the Zach years! I am thinking Bones needs a good side dish of Zackaroni to go with the main course… How can you go wrong with Zacharoni?
    Good luck to Mr. Millegan in his career. One more thing anyone know what happened to his Youtube channel?… I can’t find it now…

    • admin:


      I can’t be 100% sure, but I think Eric took down his YouTube channel at the request of his new Agent. Eric just got a new Agent a few months ago, and the channel went down at almost the exact same time. More than likely, they are connected. His new Agent may have thought it could damage his career.


  • teddy:

    i dont mean to sound weird but whats a youtube channel

  • Click on the link below and comment OR thumbs up to a comment suggesting that we bring back Zack to the show. I heard that Hart Hanson actually “listens” to these suggestions so he get more viewers. Make sure you mention our project “Mac fo Zack”.

  • Cookie:

    I love the Show Bones!! I don’t understand why they took Zack out of the show.He was funny in a serious way. Also he was very Intelligent. They should put him back because he has alot of fans out here.But even though he’s not on anymore the show is still great.. i just love it!!!!

  • TC:

    I discovered the Bones TV show recently, and I’ve been watching it from the beginning. I just finished season 3. In the last episode of season 3, Zack is revealed to be Gormogon’s apprentice.

    What were the writers thinking?

    For one, they sidelined a good character. Zack helped make the show work; I can’t imagine what it will be like without him.

    My bigger shock, however, is the direction they’re taking the series. This whole “the murderer is among us” plot is better suited to a campy B movie than an episode of Bones. Several of the characters (including Zack) were shoehorned into roles that made no sense for them, just so the writers could resolve the Gormogon story in a sensational way. It completely killed all suspension of disbelief for me.

    And does anyone accept that Zack fell under Gormogon’s influence because he was weak-willed? That makes no sense, and it completely invalidates the premise of the show. I always thought the drama of Bones works because of the contrast between Booth, grounded by instinct, and the squints, grounded by logic. But if Zack isn’t grounded, then the whole dynamic changes. The squints lose all moral standing and the show becomes about Superman Booth leading Dr. Brennan’s on a journey from the dark to the light. Yuck.

    I don’t usually follow TV shows, but this episode seemed so strange to me that I felt compelled to look it up. That’s how I found your Bring Back Zack website. I don’t want to be presumptuous, but I’m guessing that at least some of the desire to bring back Zack is not a desire for the specific character, but a desire to undo the mistake of the “Pain in the Heart” episode and to acknowledge how inappropriate it was to make the highly-intelligent misfit the one most susceptible to corruption.


  • Bob:

    I’ll buy into your logic here… Let’s assume for a moment that none of us want to see such an inherently “Nice-guy” get put in such a position; how would you correct it? There certainly appears to be a “door left open” in how they have handled his confinement…

  • Cookie:

    At first I didnt know why they took out Zack but today I watched the episode. He left because he was gormagon’s aprentice… Why didn’t they pick someone else?…It shocked me and I was sad Now with out him its kind of boring <_<

  • Bethany:

    thats what I think too :P

  • Cam:

    Bring back Zach! I miss Eric Milligan’s character on the show every episode since he left….he was part of the connective tissue that bound the Bones team together. I petition to bring back Zach Addy, King of the Lab!!

  • Rebecca:

    Oh my god, this site is amazing!
    Zack is so precious, I’m still not over him leaving! I don’t care that the strike left them only 2 episodes to wrap everything up for the ‘new start’ of season 4. Zack is an integral member of the team and nothing is the same anymore, it’s just repetitive. Hodgins doing experiments and shoutiing king of the lab always gets me mad, that was Hodgpodge and Zackaroni’s thing!! I finally liked fellow squintern Vincent and then they go and kill him!!! I’m so upset with how there storylines are going! This Bones pregnancy is weird too and I’m not sure what angle they are going for…but I’m hoping we’ll be seing Zack in new series!

  • I used to catch an episode here and there, mostly reruns, ever since Bones came out. I recently started watching them from first to last off NetFlix and just finished Season 3. I thought it was a terrible move to cut his character, and went to IMDB.com to see if there was any information on why he left. There was nothing, and I saw the link for this site there. Skimming through all the messages above I caught some spoilers about Zack not being a killer, and that neither Eric or the writers said why he left the show. Had no idea he was bi-polar, or that he grew up just a bit south of me here in Oregon. This Friday when I get paid, I’ll see how much Zackaroni I can get shipped out. I’ve also signed the petition as well. Hopefully things will somehow work out!

    • admin:

      Thank you so much!! And, please tell all your friends about the “Macaroni for Zackaroni” Project! The more people who sends macaroni, of course, the better!

  • efh:

    Zack really gave a lot to the show and something seems to be missing without him. I think a lot of us Bones fans would welcome his return

  • Jessie:

    Eric came in 4th for The Actor of The Month! :D

  • For those who do not know, Eric Millegan turns 37 on August 25th. I have created an online Birthday Card that everyone can sign. Below is the link for the card. You may need to click on the ‘Connect with Facebook’ link at the top right-hand corner to sign the card if you want to use Facebook. If anyone has any trouble with this, please let me know since it is the first time I have created a card like this. And, please cross-post so that we can get as many fans as possible to sign to let Eric know just how much he is loved :-)


    Mary Powers

  • Bob:

    I couldn’t the card to work for me. It just didn’t seem to want to stop loading…

  • Hi Bob:

    Try using another browser like Mozilla Firefox or Safari. What you described seen to be an issue only for Internet Explorer.


  • Kari Nelson:

    Bones without Zack Addy isn’t Bones.It’s just a lot of smart geeky stuff. Who’s gonna be the interesting smart one????????? God people BRING ZACK BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amy:

    luv tha mac & cheese idea it sounds fun and ver y (i cant believe im about to say this but…) CHEESY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazie:

    I am a great Bones fan, have been from the start, and I can only agree with everything that has been said here. Bring Zack Addy back! It’s an emergency!
    Thank you for creating this site, Mary, I can only say that you are an exceptional fan and that we ALL appreciate it. Thank you for all your efforts.

  • i would love eric 2 come back i miss him i swore 2 myself i would meet him be4 i die i love eric 4 ever

  • Karen:

    I just found Bones this winter and watched all five seasons in about a month. Zak is definitely my favorite character. I would love to see him back.

  • Valerie:

    I love this website!!! :D I really hope they bring Zack back: as good as the other squinterns are, its not the same without Zack :( Eric Milligan IS really talented in acting (and singing) and I love all the projects you’re all working on to convince HH and fox that all Bones fans are still missing Zack :) (Gotta buy myself some macaronis for the MforZ project XD)Just wondering though, how many people normally enter the Bones contest? Wanna see if I have a chance for this :)

  • mary is awesome for creating this site i love zack

  • Valerie:

    Usually between 300-400 people enter the contest. But, just remember, the winner is picked at random, and so, you have as good a chance as anyone at winning! Plus, you can enter 1 time every 24 hours, and so, if you really want to win, you can enter every, single day which will increase your odds!

    Good luck to you!! Hope you win! :-)


  • zack addy is my favorite character and i hated to see him leave come backkkkkkkkk zackkkkkkkkkkkk

  • is the autograph real how do have a contest every week with the same prize

  • kristy Quail;:

    I want them to bring Zack back- no one was as good as him. They shook up the cast and made it worse,not better. They have called back all of the other assistants, so why not Zack? If he does not get called back soon, the series will be over. They did a cast change to create drama, but that was done and over. Bring him back before the show is exhausted and over. They could announce his return and I am sure it would reflect in their ratings. Kristy

  • Miffy:

    I was so in love with Zachary Uriah Addy! He was the cutest, most floppy haired, awkward, adorable, exciting, intelligent, amazing, good looking, quaint, odd, clever, gifted, helpful, important, nerdy, funny, nice, sweet, confused, awesome, delicious, cuddly, best, brown-eyed, absurd, wonderful, hard-working, skilled, confident, delightful, magnificent, honest, fantastic, pleasant, appealing, attractive, desirable, hilarious, lively, amiable, lovely, perfect, splendid, cool, beautiful, alive, agreeable, brave, determined, eager, glorious, gentle, encouraging, victorious, witty, irreplaceable… words can’t describe what an amazingly wonderful human being he was.

  • Someone sent this to me this morning & because it seemed truly heartfelt, I wanted to post it here. Feel free to leave your own comments on the site!


    Mary Powers

  • Kityra Anderson:

    I think it’s so unfair he was written off!!!! We loved him!!! When I saw Zack was back in like ONE episode, I jumped off the couch and was screaming “ZACK’S BACK ZACK’S BACK” and my parents looked at me like “weirdo!!!” I miss Zack so much I’ve taken to calling one of my best friends (who has hair like Zack’s!!!) Zack Addy.
    Come back, Zack!!!! We miss you!!!

  • mary i love zack do you if eric millegan will be in season 7

  • Nikki:

    No, we have not heard anything that indicates Zack will be in Season 7. But, if I do hear anything, I will certainly post it here!


  • mary i think you called me to tell me i won the last contest but im not sure

  • Guys check this out and be sure to comment that your favorite squintern is Zack!!! You could win S6 of “Bones” on Blu-Ray too!! http://www.idigbonestv.com/201​1/10/27/giveaway-win-bones-sea​son-6/


  • i love zack addy with all my heartand more he was the most adorable and funny character ever on the show is not the same with out him he is king of evrything in my heart i agree that zack should be back he was an intergal part of the show i love the sweet innocence of zack and the crush he had on bones i am hoping for the return of zack addy i love you zack addy

  • Tiny:

    Okay, they really need to put Zack back on the show! I had started watcing it on netflix about a month ago and was skipping around in season two. My brother then picked a random episode to watch in season three, it was the episode in which Gormagon tried to kill Booth and Brennan. I thought that it was interesting so I skipped to the season fanalie where they mentioned Gormagon again in the summery.

    I was terribly upset after finding out that Zack was the helper to Gormagon. I thought that it was a bad way to replace something that they originally had planned.

    Since then I googled if he ever reapeared in any episodes and I have only watched those as a result.


  • Val Carrier:

    Hope you are getting somewhere with getting Zack Addy back. The fact that he did so well in the May & June contests should help (I think those were the months) & that is after Zacks character has been gone for so long. I liked the squints OK except Clark is off on a real stupid line now of his wife telling him to try to interact with people. Daisy drives me crazy. Why does Sweets care for her? Yes Zak is sort of like Spencer Reid of Criminal Minds in some ways. Sweetness & innocence but then a smerky little smile that says “there is more to me”. I’m sorry they killed off Vincent he was original enough to be very entertaining while still making sense in the show.

  • Dotty:

    They really have to bring Zack~

    Bones is just not the same without him…I was really disappointed that Gormogon’s assitant turned out to be him though i already suspected him

    i just didn’t think he was capable of murder annd it turns out that he really didn’t do it so why are they still not returning him to bones!


  • Rebecca C.:

    Just wish they’d bring back Zach… Still dream about a show with the awesomely cute and geeky Zach Addy( Eric Millegan ). Bring Back Zach!!!

    <3 Rebeccaroni0505 <3

  • Lila:

    bringg himbackkk

  • muriel:

    Bones is definately not the same without zach!!! He is my favorite character and he made the show funny!! BRING BACK ZACH!!!!

  • PurpleandBlackPandas:

    There is no doubt Zack Addy was the best character on Bones. But I don’t think Eric was fired. At least, I’m pretty sure.
    I do know that Eric would love to be back on the show. And with the new season, here m ay be hope for us afterall.

  • CA mom:

    I wasn’t a fan of the show originally but thanks to Netflix I’ve seen every episode to Season 6. I know I am late to the party, but I miss Zach and was happy to find others who feel the same. I was/am shocked when he was chosen to be the “apprentice” and was sent away. I had a glimmer of hope in the “Purple pieces…” episode when he confessed to Sweets he didn’t kill the lobbyist but Hodgens is right, prison is no place for Zach. I must say, the show without Zach, at times, feels like every other forensic-crime fighting show. Zach is a special character that made it unique. No one can banter with Brennan like Zach and it just doesn’t seem right when Hodgens plays “King of the Lab” with anyone else because no one can challenge him like Zach. I really miss him & I guarantee I will be watching seasons 1-3 again & again.

  • Lindsay:

    Hello everyone,

    I just stumbled on this site and I love it! I love bones and I really hope Zach returns! I wanted to comment because I was re-watching The End in the Beginning episode of Bones looking for all the foreshadowing bits and I saw something small that gave me hope and I haven’t seen anyone bring it up before.. Towards the end of the episode there is a scene where Brennen walks into her office and Zack is laying on her couch and she says “zack! They let you out!!” (of jail from when he got arrested in the episode)..I am hoping beyond hope that because that episode had so much foreshadowing for the coming episodes that maybe that was the writers way of saying he will be let out and return eventually???? I know it’s far fetched but I just need to believe that he will be coming back! What do you guys think?

  • Lindsay:

    Also, in pretty much the very next scene we see Sweets and Zack telling Bones that they burned her coat and she says “so you two conspired together to keep this big secret from all of us”….to me that seems like another wink from the writers that the team will eventually find out probably from sweets that zack didn’t murder anyone..possibly setting in motion the storyline where they figure out how to get Zack back in the lab!!

  • Cally:

    I really want Zach back. He was a great asset to the team, wonderfully funny and awkward. He was just following the fate of his character I saw in a video, and it made an exciting exit. Even though I want him back, it was still a great episode. Truthfully it’s all kinda fun trying to get him back and we will succeed. Even if Zach had stayed, the seasons wouldn’t have been that exciting. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore Zach, but think about it.


  • Zachary:

    Okay I love Zack to death, but even if they found away to bring him back to lab and help…. I think we are forgetting A VERY important part of all this, Zack will never again be able to help with a body or search through the bones, because if you remember right he blew up his hands. :(

  • A:

    As of Season 4 episode 5 Zack himself stated that his hands were already 60% recovered. While it is possible that he may have some lasting effects, such as scars and/or neurological damage, they wouldn’t hamper his ability to examine/analyze bones(especially since he usually has to wear gloves anyway to do so).

  • mary do you know wen the next episode of bones is season 7 and wen zack is on it

  • Admin:

    Hi Nikki:

    “Bones” returns on Thursday, April 5th, and unfortunately, there is no indicator that Zack will be in it :-(


  • Gwen:

    I love the show. I wish Zack would return permanently. The other squints are great, but Zack brought a chemistry to the show that the other interns just can’t reproduce.

  • Molly:

    It’s nice to see there are so many people still pulling for the return of Zack. It was beyond stupid to write this character off in the way they did. Bones is fizzling out. No one I know watches anymore because it’s never on. They also made a huge mistake shortening the season for Deschanel’s pregnancy. She is not the only character on the show. They could have come up with story lines written around her absence.

  • Liz:

    Zack is a big part of the show. Its almost as if one of the main characters are gone. The show is not whole without him.

  • Mary. Do you know were i can buy zack addy merchandise

  • sarah:

    Holy crap, I mean look at all of these comments! I know one was written the same day I post this one! Meaning the comments keep coming! I mean sending zack away seriously shocked the viewers! I mean sure props for that! But now I’m sorta in zack withdrawl… So someone needs to forward this site to the producers and get him back on as a regular, even if he’s in the hospital! I mean if they don’t realise that there are this many people wanting him back, then they’re really stupid… -_- Bring Zack Back pleaseee!

  • lizzy:

    you know who eric miligan reminds me of. He reminds me of this actor from the 80s c.thomas howell.Go figure. Anyway bring back zack!!!

  • Fleur:

    I just learned about Bones here in Saudi Arabia. After the last episode of season 3, I was really sad and cried for Zach. How could they remove him from the series? I tried watching season 4 but it wasn’t the same anymore. It was boring. Zach made the show interesting. He and Hodgins made a great duo quite hilarious at times. I will wait until Zach gets back until then I wouldn’t see another Bones series if he is not in it.

  • Fleur:

    I adore how he works in the lab and amazed at his ability. He is so cute in a geeky way nonetheless,he is quite adorable. I had wished that his character had been built up instead of being turned into a lunatic. I hope Zach will be back in the lab where he belongs.

  • shagoorat:

    I loved the first three season where Zack was in the series. He was my favourite character and I always watched for him when he was in the scenes. He is super cute and lovable. Furthermore, I don’t think his character’s mind was so weak that he was able to be brainwashed by a serial killer. It just doesn’t make sense. He is a genius and has a big loving family. Nope,…doesn’t make sense. Big fail for the writers and producers, etc. I know they can find a way to bring him back and explain away what happened. We know he didn’t kill anyone, but I think they should write in something to explain that he was completely innocent…..maybe some big conspiracy or something…..

  • Zachary:

    I’m sure everyone knows, bones is back APRIL 2nd that’s a Monday… some shows do really well in Monday lots some however don’t, I think Bones will do well for awhile but die down… giving them a great chance to bring up ratings is to bring back Zack, that will really boost the ratings for bones.

  • Colleen S:

    A current article on Tvguide.com brings up the Zack situation. Again Mr. Hansen fails to understand how the fans feel about Zack. Disappointing to say the least.

  • Dori:

    My hubby and I watched Bones through to Season 6. We’re waiting on 7 to be put on Netflix. We both want Zack back. I mean, they didn’t write him out completely like they did with Mr. Vincent Nigel-Murray, I mean he didn’t officially kill the Lobbyist. He told Gormagon where he was. They need to write a storyline on how to bring him back. Maybe not full time, but maybe on a rotation or something. Or do what they did where Hodgins came by to visit him to bounce his ideas.

    Why did they write him out anyway?

    By the way, is there a link to that TVguide article?

  • are you sure bones comes back on the fifth mary

  • Nikki:

    “Bones” has moved to Monday nights at 7 pm CST, and will be returning on Monday, April 2nd.




  • dear mary
    do you know if season seven is the last season of bones because that is what im hearing

  • Hi Nikki:

    I doubt it. Hart Hanson hinted at Paley Fest just 2 weeks ago that they may be trying for a 2-season renewal, which would mean Seasons 8 and 9. I really doubt this season is the last season.


  • dear mary
    thank you because i almost went shock when i heard about it

    cant wait for april 2 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


  • beth:

    Zack is the reason i srarted watching Bones. I know what it’s like not fitting in your family. a FEMALE with a very hugh iq,,,and only the second person to even graduate from high school. I’m a phi beta kappa, phi sigma iota kappa delta epsison (only honoraries…the socials wouldn’t have me)..maybe i didn’t fit in school either…also tri-lingual) I NEED zach!
    please excuse the lack of proper punction ,etc., 2 strokes = one finger typing! tha’t how much i miss zach

  • dear mary:
    the movie called “the phobic” has eric millegan in it. Do you know about it? i cant find it anywhere is it a real movie? do you know where i can get it? HELP ME find it

  • dear mary:
    eric millegan is an a movie called the phobic.do you know where i can get it. i cant find it anywhere.

  • Dear Nikki:

    That movie is VERY rare. I have tried finding it myself, but with no luck. However, Eric was also in the movie called “On_Line”, which you CAN find on both eBay and also, Amazon.com I think :-)


    it looked like an interesting movie
    does eric have the movie because i have been looking for that movie for a year


  • dear mary:
    i found out recently that eric millegan has a bipolar problem
    when i read about it i was crying that is terrible to live with
    i know someone who had that and it was terrible he always was in a different mood at all time sometimes he would go off i feel so sorry for eric


  • kshell:

    Zack needs to come back to c baby bones!

  • I just saw this posted on both Facebook and Twitter, and it really disturbed me. Does it sound like to you guys that they may be killing Zack off??!! If they do, I will be pissed and DONE with “Bones” — DONE.




  • Nick:

    Zack was my favorite character tilthey screwed it all up. But he never killed anyone when will they address that issue and let him return. The interns are starting to get really annoying.

  • beth:

    NIKKI TRY IMBD.COM IT’s listed…so i assume someone somrwhere has it …i’d love to see it too….GOODLUCK. MOMCAT36AOL.COM



  • dear mary
    who is eric millegan married to

  • dear mary
    is there any indication that zack is coming because someone keeps telling me he is getting killed off


  • serena:

    I think the most irritating thing about Zach’s absence from the show is (despite the fact that his character will obviously be missed) is that it was just completely ridiculous!! Zach wouldn’t be an apprentice to a murderer, let alone a crazed cannibal

    Zach spent his life/ career fighting against murderers, why would he all of a sudden abandon all of that? to a cause that he doesn’t even believe in – you ever hear Zach spouting off conspiracies about secret societies

    also it doesn’t even make sense from the murderer’s point of view anyway – he wasn’t a widow’s son…Zach had a large family, including a father. Doesn’t fit the pattern.

    Also he must have known that he couldn’t get away with it, the entire team catches killers everyday!! ARGHHH so annoying!!!

  • Leah:

    The season finale was a perfect way to introduce Zack into next season! They said that they need someone smarter than Palant(sp?), an the only person was Brennan, but she ran away! And everyone knows that Zack is the only person as smart as Bones! They should get Zack to help solve the Palant case and save Brennan!

  • Chyler:

    Zack isn’t getting killed off. It was the man who was Brennan’s friend, the one which got killed off in the season finale who was killed. The spoiler said it was an old friend of Brennan’s, who escaped from a mental institution after his brilliant mind gave into madness. That fits with the season finale.

  • Tabitha:

    I wonder if he knows that Angela and Hodgins have a baby, or that Bones and Booth do? Hodgins used to visit him so I would assume he still does so it would make perfect sence to bring him back to help catch Penant! At the end of The Perfect Peices in The Purple Pond Booth tells Zack that if he ever had a lead on a case to call him or Dr Brennan so isn’t it kind of strange that he hasn’t? It’s still really irritating that Sweets is the only one who knows he’s innocent (ish..) because Sweets said in TPPIPP that if he cured Zack’s “delusions” he could leave so there is a possibility of him legally getting out right? Anyway even if Sweets did admit Zack didn’t kill anyone why would he be put in prison? I mean couldn’t he just stay in the institute on charges of being an accessory to murder aposed to actually killing someone, he was still manipulated by Gormagon so he could still be seen as
    “Non Mentis Compos” in court. There are loads of ways they could bring him back, either perminantly (I hope!) or as a recurring character. I mean Bones’ dad did actually kill someone and change his identity and rob banks and he got of okay, all Zack did was help Gormagon FIND a Lobbiest!

  • LaLa:

    i just recently found out what happened and bones should BRING ZACK BACK like right now! im both sad and mad abt it….

  • May:

    They need to bring back zack because he was so awesome. The show is just not the same without him. Please bring him back, i’m begging you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A Harper:

    It would be wonderful to see Zack back on “Bones” again. I always looked forward to seeing him, since he made the show. I loved his personality and dynamic mental capacity of the PhD he portrayed. The people responsible for taking him off the show are lacking in smarts. Now, when I miss an episode, I’m not too concerned. I also stopped buying the Bones DVDs, since he is not in the shows any longer. They have done all of us an injustice.

  • Please, please bring back Zack Addie to Bones. They really need him and all his innocence. He just added so very much to the show. There is a really large hole where he and Hodges were always viaing for king of the lab. He is missed sorley.

  • Lisa:

    PLEASE bring Zack Addy back to BONES. The show is missing something without him. It’s not the same and just doesn’t hold the attention.

  • francisca:

    i’m from chile and i really love zack please bring back zack!!!greetings from latin america

  • Vicki:

    I just loved Zach! None of the sqinterns comes close to adding the warmth,innocence and humor Zach did. The Gormagan ending did NOT make any sense when looking at the whole of his character. Since he now has his degree he couldn’t come back as an intern. However, I love the idea of him as the Nanny. It would be great. He could help with cases like he did in his guest appearance. Any way bit could be worked out I want Zach back!

  • Esa:

    Zach was the most adorable character on Bones. It’s never been the same with him gone. And I mean, his partnership with Hodgins? It was just THE cutest and amazing team ever to be formed with their experiments and “KING OF THE LAB” exclamations! In my opinion? Not even Brennan and Booth compare to their friendship. PLEAAAASE bring Zackaroni back!

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