Wanna help get Zack Addy back on "Bones" and have some fun at the same time? Then, join us in our summer "Bring Back Zack" project, titled "Macaroni for Zackaroni".  Yes, a funny title, but let me explain. The purpose of the Project is to get our point to FOX that the fans want our beloved squint back and to do it in a clever, memorable way.

We all remember that Zack -- aka "Zackaroni" -- got that name because he loved macaroni & cheese.  The goal is to send macaroni to FOX Entertainment President, Kevin Reilly, and LOTS of it.  We hope to send so much macaroni that FOX and Mr. Reilly have nightmares about macaroni. You can help in one of 2 ways:

Option 1.

Go to the website www.GrandmasPantryVa.com and purchase 1 lb. of macaroni. The website will show shipping via UPS for around $16, but if you order just 1 lb, Grandma's Pantry will send it USPS for $8.00, making your total investment just $9.69 (again, the shipping charge will show $16, but when Grandma's Pantry processes your order for Bring Back Zack, only $8.00 will be charged to you for shipping). Of course if you want to send more, they will be glad to work with you. They will include our logo in each box. Have the macaroni sent to the following address:

FOX Entertainment President Kevin Reilly FOX Broadcasting Co.

10201 W. Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90035

You can send as much macaroni as you want or afford, but 1 lb.is perfectly fine. In addition, if you can find cheaper macaroni from where you live, feel free to send your own macaroni to the above address. Just be sure to have make it clear that the macaroni is from the "Macaroni for Zackaroni" campaign.

Thank you, Grandma's Pantry, for willing to be our vendor of macaroni for this very important Project!

Option 2.

If you are not able to purchase the above macaroni, you can still help:

   A. Go to the grocery and purchase a cheap box of generic macaroni (you can get a box of generic macaroni & cheese for less than 50 cents).

   B. Put about 5 pieces(NO more than that so that USPS won't reject it and return it to you) of the macaroni in a regular envelope.

   C. Click on the below "Macaroni for Zackaroni" logo and print it out.

   D. Either tape the printed logo on the outside of your envelope, or put the logo inside the envelope.

   E. Send the envelope to the following address.  Just to be safe, put 2 stamps on your envelope.

   FOX Entertainment President Kevin Reilly FOX Broadcasting Co.

   10201 W. Pico Blvd.

   Los Angeles, CA 90035

To kick off the campaign, we are sending 100 lbs. (YES, 100 lbs.!!) of macaroni via UPS to Kevin Reilly ourselves :-)

That's it!! Send as many envelopes of macaroni as you want, as frequently as you want! And, get all of your friends and family to send envelopes of macaroni too.  The more macaroni FOX gets, the more they are going to remember "Bring Back Zack", and so, the better the chances are we'll get our Zackaroni back in Season 7.

So, let's do it, and let's have some fun! Let's get Zackaroni back!!!!!!!!!!!

(A special thanks to RainScreams@Twitter and Tria821@Twitter for coming up with the slogan "Macaroni for Zackaroni"!)

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