Just recently, Eric was kind enough to grant us with an interview. We are grateful beyond belief and SO happy to share it with you. One thing that we learned about Eric is that he is so very happy and amazed that his fans have stuck by him….even after 3 years of not being a regular on Bones. He is one of the kindest, sweetest guys you’ll ever meet and that makes us want to work so very much harder to get him back on the show! So, enjoy!

The Interview

In regards to your time on the set of Bones, which episode did you enjoy shooting the most and why?

“…I loved the scene where Zack punched Hodgins. There was also a very cool scene that you never saw. It was for the pilot and Zack & Hodgins are talking about whether or not alien life form exists in the universe. It was a really fun scene but it had to be cut because of time constraints.”

Which episode was the most difficult to shoot and why?

“The Boy in the Bush (Season 1) was tough because we dealt with the skeleton of a little boy. When I saw those little bones, I teared up and shuttered. It was very upsetting even though we were just pretending.”

What did you like about the character of Zack?

“I liked how inappropriate he could be. That was fun to play. And it was fun to pretend to be as smart as he is.”

Are Eric and Zack’s personalities similar? If so, how, and what makes them different?

“Not really. I’m certainly not as smart as Zack and I hope I’m not as challenged as he is when it comes to social skills.”

If you had creative control over the character of Zack, what changes would you make to him or his life?

“I think Hart (Hanson) and the writers did a fabulous job of creating Zack. Sometimes, they take the character in a direction I wasn’t expecting and they’re always right because everywhere I go, people tell me how much they love Zack. I would NEVER want to get in the way of Hart’s genius. He writes it, I act it. It’s the perfect combo.”

Are you a braniac in real life?

“I was when I was younger. I skipped the 7th grade. In the 8th grade, I took math at the high school. I finished second in the county for Mental Math and Spelling. I got a 760 in Math on the SATs and I was Valedictorian. I don’t consider myself that smart nowadays though. I’ve forgotten everything. I couldn’t tell you a thing about Calculus anymore.”

Which cast mates were you closest to and do you still keep contact with them?

“I go out with Michaela (Conlin) and Tamara (Taylor) from time to time. They’re wonderful people. Emily (Deschanel) and I don’t get to spend as much time together as we’d like because being the star of an hour drama like “Bones” really takes over your whole life. I don’t know how Emily does it. She is truly amazing! My favorite time with TJ (Thyne) was when we went to the movie “The TV Set” starring one of our directors, David Duchovny. It’s about how a TV pilot gets made and picked up for series. It is SO dead on accurate that TJ and I were howling during it. Howling! If you’re interested in what it’s like behind the scenes of a TV show, you should rent that movie. I don’t know David (Boreanaz) and John (Francis Daley) as well as (I know) my fellow squints but they were great to work with. David (Boreanaz) is a great director. Duchovny’s a great director too, in fact.”

The relationship of Zack and Hodgins had a really fun dynamic to it. What was your relationship with TJ like in real life and did you have fun working together?

“I love working with TJ (Thyne)! When a new script came out, we would read through the whole script in his trailer with the two of us playing all the roles. I played Brennan and Angela. One time a PA came to our trailer and heard us practicing and from listening to my voice, he thought I was Emily. That was hilarious! My favorite scene with TJ was the scene in which Zack punched Hodgins. That was a hysterical scene and we had a blast with it!”

What is your relationship with Emily and how difficult was it shooting those scenes that were “chock” full of medical terminology? The two of you performed them so convincingly and so thoroughly that it is hard to believe that you were acting at times. How long would it take to learn your lines?

“Like I said, Emily is an AMAZING person. We have a tradition in which we watch “Meet Me in St. Louis” every year around Christmastime. It’s a great movie and we both have a lot of fun watching it. We missed it this year because we were both busy but we’ll make sure to do it next year. As for the medical terminology, yes, it’s tricky but you do it because you’re paid to. It would take a good hour of complete focus to get all of my lines down. I can’t complain about my experience on Bones. It’s a great show and I felt very fortunate to be working on it for each and every one of the 61 episodes I did.”

Each time that you make a guest appearance on Bones, it seems at though all of the cast members are EXTREMELY happy that you are there. Is that truly the climate on the set?

“Yes! They welcome me with open arms when I go in for a guest spot.”

Eric, is there anything that you would like to add or say to your fans?

“Yes, I check the message boards from time to time and it TRULY blows me away that three years after Zack was written off, there are still threads about wanting Zack back on the show. And now there’s BringBackZack.com. It’s truly flattering and a testament to Hart for creating a character that has stuck with people.”

So that concludes our interview (for now!). Doesn’t that make you love Eric even more? Stay tuned…lots more to come! Please make sure that you help the cause by getting on Twitter and showing your support for bringing back Zack! ~Donna E.


Interview conducted and written by Donna Evleth for BringBackZack.com


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