At the end of Season 3 of "Bones" most fans were SHOCKED to learn that Dr. Zack Addy had been pegged as the serial killer, Gormogon's, apprentice and was sent to the looney bin, in lieu of prison. This was a very unwelcome exit for one of the most beloved characters of the hit TV series "Bones".

This website is to serve as a united front to do everything we can to get FOX, and the writers of "Bones", to bring Zack Addy/Eric Millegan back to "Bones".

There has been some clamor here and there on Twitter, Facebook, etc. from fans from around the world who wish nothing but for Dr. Zack Addy to return. This is a chance for all of the fans to stand UNITED so that FOX and the writers will maybe start listening.

Seeing Zack have guest appearances is like a fish out of water being given water with an eyedropper. - Marlena Harris, Fan

If you would like to help, click on the 'How to Help' section. Let's bring Zack Addy back -- FOR GOOD!!

Check out our exclusive Bring Back Zack Addy custom video....

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